Анеле Авелобос - Навсегда (авторский перевод на английский)




So sorry I won't show up

To taste your party this night

Because I tasted death now

Forever, just a bit


You dial my number quickly

And you looking up with fear

And you see in your stargazing

Falling the blue star


It beckons to me

And I return home

But I'll be back vehemently

To get you out off too


We will disintegrate

Into a thousand pieces

And we will take the shape

Of our beloved bodies


And our games again

And our dances again

And I'll forget again

About the blue star


It beckons to me

Return home again

But my real dream

Is to be at home with you


17.11.2021 Лирика Анеле Авелобос, Anele Avelobos, авторский перевод ©


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